Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer Model 304 Two Autoclave (102177696)

Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer Model 304 Two Autoclave (102177696)

The Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer (UCA) provides a non-destructive method for determining the relative strength development of a cement sample under down-hole temperature and pressure conditions. The theory of operation is based on the correlation between ultrasonic pulse velocity in the cement sample and its compressive strength. Strength indications are determined by measuring the change in velocity of an ultrasonic signal transmitted through the cement sample as it cures.

As many as eight cement samples can be analyzed simultaneously, with the addition of autoclave assemblies specifically designed to interface with the Fann Model 304 Processor System. The Processor is the next generation of real-time data acquisition and instrumentation control. This powerful and unique Processor was developed by Fann Instrument Company for the Ultrasonic Cement Analyzer.

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