Filter Press HPHT Model HT4700, N2, DBL (102197003)

Filter Press HPHT Model HT4700, N2, DBL (102197003)

Fann’s HT4700 HPHT Filter Press is designed for safe and efficient high-temperature; high-pressure fluid loss testing that meets API specifications. The digital system is accurate and controllable.

The filter press consists of a heating jacket, Safe Cell, Type J thermocouple probe, pressurizing assemblies, and two power cables.

The test cell can be heated to a maximum temperature of 500°F (260°C) with a 100ml sample or 350 ° F (177°C) with a 130ml sample in thirty minutes.  Maximum working pressure is 1800 psig (12,410 kPa).

Safety features include a lock and release mechanism that secures the cell in place and maximizes heat transfer. The exterior of the jacket is safe to touch, less than 130° F.

The HT4700 has a digital temperature controller for better accuracy and control. The thermocouple probe allows precise temperature measurements. Logging test data is done using a data port on the heating jacket.