IDA Electrode Connecting Cable kit

This device is used as a substituting item of a connecting part of IDA Electrode .

Catalog No. Description
011066 Cable kit for IDA electrode
Connecting Cable
Electrode fixer


Set up

Please treat IDA Electrodes with care especially when you insert and remove them since it consists of quartz glass.


If you had a difficulty in setting up of an IDA Electrode into a connector at the cable, loosening the four grippers of the connector (shown in Figure below) with a tweezer would work.

IDA Electrode Connecting Cable kit / Gripper Cable Assembly of Connecting Cable IDA Electrode Connecting Cable kit / Set Up

Figure in right shows wire assembly of connecting cable.


In order to avoid abrasion on a connector part of the electrode, please insert and remove it according to the following order:

[IDA Electrode Setup Sequence]
(1)Put the IDA electrode into the connector
(2)Insert the white color electrode fixer into the connector
[IDA Electrode Remove Sequence]
(1)Remove the white color electrode fixer from the connector
(2)Remove the IDA electrode from the connector
Insert IDA Electrode Remove IDA Electrode

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