HPHT FILTER PRESS,500 CT 115V DBL N2 (101565561)

Fann 175 ml HPHT Filter Press units can be pressurized to 1800 psig on the cell and 750 psig on the back pressure receiver. Maximum operating temperature is 350°F.

HPHT Filter Presses are available in various component configurations to allow for greater flexibility in choosing the system and options that suite each individual need.

Pressurization with CO2 Cartridges, bottled Nitrogen, or an in-house (user provided) source.

Single or double opening cells that accept different filter media.

Filter media that includes the API standard Filter Paper, Ceramic Discs of several calculated porosities, and various mesh sized screens.



Rated working pressure 1800 PSIG
Maximum temperature 350°F
115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Sample Volume 173 ml
Power Required 400 watts
Filtering Area 3.5 in²
Back Pressure Receiver Volume 15 ml

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