Garrett Gas Train Test (209961)

Garrett Gas Train Test (209961)

Measures the concentration of soluble sulfides and soluble carbonates

The Garrett Gas Train (GGT) measures the concentration of sulfides or carbonates in drilling fluids and drilling fluid filtrates. This measurement gives a quantitative indication of the rate and amount of intrusion of hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide from the formation in the drilling fluid.

The Garrett Gas Train kit contains all hardware and reagents required to conduct the procedure according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1, ANSI/API 13B-1/ISO 10414-1. Two types of Dräeger tubes are supplied to adequately span the range of hydrogen sulfide concentrations that may be found in water based drilling fluid filtrates and in oil based drilling fluids. CO2 Dräeger tubes and 1 liter gas bags are supplied for determination of carbonate concentration. Inert carrier gases, both  CO2 and NO2 are supplied for all tests. All items are securely packaged in a waterproof, high-impact plastic carrying case.

Hydrogen Sulfide Test Paper discs (supplied) can be used in the Garrett Gas Train to give a qualitative indication of the presence of sulfide. If the presence of sulfide is indicated by darkening of the paper disc, a Dräeger tube should be used for quantitative analysis.

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