Bulk Electrolysis Cell (001197)

This cell has been developed in order to perform a complete electrolysis. The carbon working electrode is a reticulaed form that provides with sufficient surface area to gain the rate in electrolysis.


It is composed with the chamber for the counter electrode, to be able to isolate the Platinum counter electrode and Porous carbon electrode, which are used with Sample vial (100 mL), Teflon cap, Gas purging tube, and CV working electrode (sold separately).
CV working electrodes will be used to examine the progress of electrolysis. When not in use, port plug can be plug in.
Also, Water Jacketed Glass cell, and Platinum or Gold gauze electrode can be purchased separately.

Suitable for:

  • Quantitation of mass transfer of the electron per molecule
  • Measuring the absolute quantity of the analyte
  • Electrolytic synthesis of new materials (generally in quantity of milligram)


Catalog No. Description
001197 Bulk Electrolysis Cell
012632 Sample vial (100 mL)
010530 Porous carbon electrode
012961 Platinum counter electrode 23 cm
001198 Lid for counter electrode
001196 Chamber for counter electrode
001236 O-ring for counter electrode
009131 Port plug
000178 Stirrer bar
012551 Teflon Cap (for bulk)
010537 Gas purging tube



Catalog No. Description Size
Working electrode
002250 Platinum gauze electrode 80 mesh 25 x 35 mm
002251 Gold gauze electrode 100 mesh 25 x 35 mm
002254 Platinum gauze electrode for Bulk electrolysis cell
Reference electrode
012167 RE-1B Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)
013457 RE-1CP Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl/Saturated KCl)
012171 RE-7 Non Aqueous reference electrode (Ag/Ag+)
013458 RE-2BP Calomel Reference electrode
013459 RE-2CP Reference electrode
013592 RE-61AP Reference electrode for alkaline solution
Glass cell
012652 Water Jacketed Glass cell (for bulk)


Platinum gauze electrode
002254 Platinum gauze electrode for Bulk electrolysis cell

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