Grid electrode

Grid electrode

Grid electrode is produced by the deposition of the platinum, gold or carbon onto the quartz glass. The dimension of the glass is 8 x 27 mm, with a 1 mm of the thickness, and the grid line is 100 µm width with a distance of the 150 µm between lines.


Catalog No. Description Size
012655 SEC-2F Pt grid electrode for flow cell 8x27x1 mm
012656 SEC-2F Au grid electrode for flow cell 8x27x1 mm
012657 SEC-2F Carbon grid electrode for flow cell 8x27x1 mm
012658 SEC-2F ITO electrode for flow cell (4 pcs) 8x27x1 mm


transmittance graph

The light transmittance was compared with ITO electrode and Grid electrode (Au, Pt and Carbon) on a quartz glass as a reference. For ITO electrode , the light cannot be transmitted easily in ultraviolet range. The transmittance is about 10% at 280 nm of the wavelength. For wavelength above 400 nm, the transmittance is above 80%.

SEC-2F Flow cell

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Electrode