LBR - Reatores de alta pressão ( customizados )

LBR Series - High Pressure Ballast - Reactor Series LBR - 100 A 200 - RTA Series - 100 A 2000 Capacities 100 to 2000 cc Working Pressure (PMT) -1.0 / + 140.0 bar (2000 psi) Working Pressure (PMTA) -1.2 / + 168.0 bar (2400 psi) Test Pressure (PT) 210.0 bar (3000 psi) Working Temperature 300.0º C Heating Power 0.5 / 2.0 KW Magnetic Barrier Shaker Shield Safety Device Rupture Disc Inert Gas Tube / Fisherman Yes Connections Two Stainless Steel Analog Pressure Gauge Yes Thermocouple Reading and Temperature Control Yes

Reator RTA


Item Optional Availability 1 Metal to Metal Check Valve Yes 2 Digital Pressure Transmitter Yes 3 Solenoid Valve for Temperature Control Yes 4 Heating and Cooling Block Yes 5 Vertical Reflow Condenser 6 Backflow Separator Liebig Column C / Condenser Receiver 7 Thermal Fluid Heater / Cooler 20 to 250º C Yes 8 Ultra-Thermostatic Bath - 5º C to 250º C Yes 9 Manual Pressure Regulating Valve Yes 10 Process Control - Simple Series Yes 11 Process Control - Computerized Series Yes 12 Software and Supervisor - (Human Interface) Yes


- Construction material -

Reator alta presão corpo


Inox 316L, Alloy, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium and so on. Synthetic Description: Vertical cylindrical vase with removable flanged cover, with safety clasp, flat bottoms with straight bottom and movable head. Gaskets Available: Viton FKM fluorado® Kalrez FFKM perfluoroelastomer® Teflon® tetrafluoroethylene polymer PTFE Grafoil® flexible graphite FG Viton®, Kalrez®, Teflon® are registered trademarks of DuPont Grafoil® is a registered trademark of UCAR Carbon Co. Inc. - Heating and Cooling - The heating is obtained by a heating system built in block. bipartite of aluminum, by means of the electrical resistances type cartridges easily replaceable. The cooling is performed in the same block, through perforated channels, through the circulation of cooling fluid. Because it is bi-parti- cular, it allows total withdrawal from the body. The system is insulated by a fibro-ceramic removable thermal blanket protected by fiberglass fabric.

Reator alta presão forno
aquecedor resfriador de fluido termico
Item 7 - Opcionais
Optional: For operation in qualified area explosion-proof it is recommended to use the super-thermostatic bath of thermal fluid, through the circulation in external jacket. Installed in protected area.

- Reflux -
Two Types of Reflux Systems:
1) Composed of a vertical tubular capacitor connected to the phase separating vessel.

2) Direct Reflux: Tubular capacitor at the top of the reactor.
agitador de barreira magnética
Agitador/ Barreira Magnética


- Controls - Process Control - Manual Series: This controller monitors several parameters, is a multipurpose device with the following functions: control and reading of stirring speed, control and temperature reading, provides analog signals for datalog and optionally pressure monitoring. Process Control - Computing Series: This is an interface composed of a module attached to the Manual Series model that manages and controls through a micro computer with Supervisor Software managed by an expandable PLC. Supervisory Software (Human-Machine Interface). This software allows the supervision and acquisition of data as well as the monitoring, graphing and reporting functions controlled by the supervisory computer.
Reator tampa de presão

- Construction material -

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