RE-3VT Reference electrode screw type (Ag/AgCl) (013488)

RE-3VT Reference electrode screw type (Ag/AgCl) (013488)

Aqueous reference electrode specific for ALS line-up flow cell, as Cross flow cell, Radial flow cell, EQCM flow cell and SEC-2F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell.



  • For application in an aqueous solution.
  • Relatively long life time.
Reference potential
AgCl + e = Ag + Cl -
0 = 195 mV vs RHEK (25 ° C)
∗ The reference potential is the measured value using RHEK reversible hydrogen electrode kit (Cat. No. 013373).

For the screw type electrode, the body in PEEK material is also available. 

Catalog No. Description Junction Electrolyte Isolation Purpose
013393 RE-1S Aqueous Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)  Ceramics 3 M NaCl Polymethyl pentene Flow cell (LC, EQCM, SEC-2F)

∗ Keep the reference electrode in a cold dark place.
∗ Take care when you open and unseal the electrode. The liquid junction tip could be taken out when you pull the black protector.
∗ RE-3VT is specific for ALS line up flow cell, it could be incompatible with other brand flow cell.