Electrochemical tools

Electrochemical tools

We provide the following sensors for electrochemical tests and water chemistry monitoring:

  • Ag/AgCl reference electrode for 300°C temperature and 18 MPa pressure.
  • Pd/H2 reference electrode for 300°C / 350°C temperature and 18 MPa pressure.
  • Cu/Cu2O/ZrO2 or Ni/NiO/ZrO2 reference electrode / pH sensor for 300°C / 350°C temperature and 18 MPa pressure.
  • Conductivity electrode for 300°C temperature and 18 MPa pressure.
  • Platinum redox probe for 300°C / 350°C temperature.
  • Corrosion probe / working electrode for 300°C / 350°C temperature.

These sensors can be attached to any kind of autoclaves, flow-through cells and pressure vessels as long as there are suitable ports available.


Trendchem product family includes water chemistry sensors, flow through cells and a data acquisition system. It is used to monitor water chemistry parameters and perform electrochemical tests. A Trendchem instrument can be installed in a power plant or process industry process line or in a recirculation testing loop.

CER technique

The Contact Electric Resistance (CER) technique is a method of examining surface films. It measures electronic conductivity of surface films using a direct current (CER) or alternating current (Contact Electric Impedance, CEI) principle. CER is normally used for detecting surface films, monitoring surface-film growth kinetics and determining of surface-film semiconductive properties, i.e. information about film structure and defects.

CER/CEI is often used in difficult environments in high temperature high pressure applications where other electrochemical tools and surface-study instruments do not work, for example in super-critical water environments at 600°C temperature and 30 MPa pressure or in a high temperature gas environment.


A potentiostat is a basic tool for electrochemical testing. Cormet can provide an ACM Gill AC potentiostat with the essential features integrated with Cormet’s data acquisition software. Analogue or RS232/485 data output of other potentiostats can also be integrated with Cormet’s data acquisition software. If there is no need for potential controlling, potential monitoring features can be provided without a potentiostat using amplifiers.


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