M280X2 Liquid Nitrogen Generator ( 100 Lpd )

Fully assembled and tested COMPLETE Liquid Nitrogen Generator being fully automatic producing LN2 24-7 without operator intervention. A 300 liter vacuum insulated Stainless Steel tank stores the daily production of 100 liters. Integrated within the enclosure are an oil-free scroll air compressor and PSA GN2 generator. Touch Screen (HMI) and PLC controls provide for reliable and safe operation. With the push of one button, LN2 is delivered to the customer’s tank and as easy as decanting tap water.

Features Controls:

  • PLC and Touch Screen Operation:
  • One-button with Auto-Start Controls:
  • Fully Automatic Monitoring:
  • Remote PC via Internet Warranty:
  • One Year from Installation Extended Warranty: Life on Software & Instruments Reliability: Double Redundancy Air Compressor:
  • Dry Scroll Type 

Specifications Storage

  • Capacity: 300 liters Peak Production: 115 liters per day Standard Production: 100 lpd at 60 Hz Purity: >99.5% with 99.9%, peak
  • Dimensions: 117W x 198D x 221H cm Empty Weight: 985 kg Environment: Indoor our Outdoor Certifications: CE, ASME Sec, VIII


  • Air Water: 7T of Air Handling
  • Load Power for USA: 208 VAC, 3ᴓ, 60 Hz, 100A 480 VAC, 3ᴓ, 60 Hz, 45A Power for International: 400 VAC, 3ᴓ, 50 Hz, 45A
  • Options Chiller for Cooling: 10T Automatic Recirculator V.J. Transfer Line: 2.5 meter long On-Site Installation: By SOLUTIONS Service Engineers


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