LN2 Generator is ISO Container

LN2 Generator is ISO Container

Custom and standard models generate LN2 in any location. An optional Gen-Set provides the necessary power to drive the equipment. Diesel (fuel and natural gas) power converts air to Liquid Nitrogen. One button automatic operation allows for regional suppliers to provide LN2 to their customers. Larger plants are also available for production for more than 


  • Container Size: 20-Foot ISO,
  • Double Doors Peak Production: 4 tons per month Standard Production: 150 lpd at 60 Hz Purity: >99% with 99.9%, peak Delivery Pressure: 3.8 barg Storage Capacity: >300 Liters (other options)
  • Power: Diesel Gen-Set (option)
  • Certifications: CE, ASME Sec, VIII Maintenance Intervals: 13,000 hours
  • Redundancy: Triple Power for International: 400 VAC, 3ᴓ, 50 Hz, 65A

Features Controls:

  • PLC and Touch Screen Operation:
  • One-button with Auto-Start Controls:
  • Fully Automatic Monitoring: Remote PC via Internet Warranty:
  • One Year from Installation Air Compressor: Dry Scroll Type 


  • Mining and Off-Shore Platforms, Temporary Labs Bovine AI Stations, Regional Product Stations Cylinder Filling and Remote Labs 
  • Many options and features are available to meet the customer’s application and environmental conditions. Please consult with the KIC engineers regarding previous experience and custom