Cryogenic Solenoid Valves

Cryogenic Solenoid Valves

It very simple to select and use a solenoid valve for transferring LN2 or venting cryogenic gases. KIC distributes the Jefferson Cryogenic valves keeping inventory for immediate delivery. Both direct acting and pilot operated models are available with Brass bodies. For Stainless Steel or reverse acting (NO) applications, special orders are possible. A power cable is provided with each valve.

General Specifications

  • Identifier: Cryo-SOV by Jefferson Valves
  • Body Material: Brass with SSTL as Special Orders
  • Types: Direct Acting and Pilot NC or NO Available
  • Cryogens: LN2, LAr, and LOX
  • Origin: Argentina / USA
  • Inventory Available: See bellow
  • Coil Voltages: 24 VDC, 120 VAC, 230 VAC 50-60 Hz


Model Number Size Cv MAX psi Type

  • 1327BT402UC 0.25 NPT 0.50 75 Direct and NC 1
  • 327BT302UC 0.25 NPT 0.30 150 Direct and NC
  • 1390BT222 0.25 NPT 0.15 300 Direct and NC
  • 1390BBT3UC 0.375 NPT 1.87 225 Pilot and NC (note 1)
  • Above are Stocked Items Note 1: Requires 1.5 psi of Backpressure to Close


  • Biological Storage and Preparation SEM, TEM, and TXRF, X-Ray Crystallography Transferring Cryogens from Commercial Cylinders

Contact the KIC Engineers to learn about additional accessories such as the Flexible Transfer Lines, Electronic Level Sensors, and Fill Controllers. A suite of complementing components can provide for a complete Laboratory Solution. The KIC products can make the task of Automatic LN2 transfer as Easy as Tap Water

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