Gerador de Nitrogênio Líquido - Elan AutoFill

Features and Benefits of the Liquid Nitrogen Generators

The elan2 Liquid Nitrogen Generators provide a reliable, convenient, safe, clean, on-demand alternative to traditional delivery.

The elan2 Liquid Nitrogen Generators tap the most abundant source of nitrogen – the air. The proven technology used in this system converts the air to liquid. The secret to the elan2’s reliability is a self-cleaning cooling cycle developed at MMR Technologies. It has been proven to work in demanding scientific research and development applications that have run continuously over the past 10 years or more.

The elan2 Liquid Nitrogen Generators completely replace the need for delivery and storage. The LN2 is available when you need it – through a simple push of the button or transfer from the larger Autotransfer tank.

There are multiple levels of safety built into each Liquid Nitrogen Generator system, making accidental spills or dispensing highly unlikely. This provides protection to your personnel and peace of mind. Instead of handling large volumes – you only take what you need.

Our cleaning cycle maintains high efficiency over time and is free of ozone depleting CFC’s. The LN2 produced is only handled a single time, by you. It does not have the opportunity to pick up contaminants and water that can occur with delivery.

The elan2 works to provide a continuous supply of LN2 – you use what you need, when you need it. You no longer have to worry about waiting for an emergency delivery when you run out! You also do not waste LN2 to evaporation as it sits around in the large tanks waiting.


elan2™ AutoFill Liquid Nitrogen Generator Specifications

Electrical Service

Voltage: 115 VAC / 230 VAC
Phase: Single Phase
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power: ~900 Watts

Operating Environment

Temperature: 60 F to 77 F (16 C to 25 C))
Humidity: < 80% Relative Humidity
Dust: Standard Office Environment (dustier environments require more frequent filter replacement)

Liquid Nitrogen Production

Generation Rate: 6.0L - 8.0L per day.
Storage Capacity: N/A
Purity: 98.6% (< 1% oxygen)


Generator with External Dewar: 14.5" wide x 14.5" deep x 33" high (37 cm wide x 37 cm deep x 94 cm high)
130 pounds (59 kilograms)
Air Compressor:

17.5" wide x 17.5" deep x 15" high (45 cm wide x 45 cm deep x 38 cm high)
60 pounds (27 kilograms)
Air compressor must be located within 12 feet (3 meters) of the generator. Longer air lines up to 30ft are possible.





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