Reference electrode for alkaline solution (013592)

Reference electrode for alkaline solution (013592)

The RE-61AP reference electrode is made of Hg/HgO instead of calomel paste, and 1 M sodium hydroxide is used as an electrolyte solution. It is used under high pH environment as reference electrode.

Reference potential
HgO + H2O + 2e = Hg + 2OH-
E0=118 mV vs RHEK (25°C)
∗ The reference potential is the measured value using RHEK reversible hydrogen electrode kit (Cat. No. 013373).

RE-61AP is the new model of RE-6AP.
The resistance to alkaline solution has been improved.

This product is delivered with deionized water filled in, to be filled with 1 M NaOH aqueous solutions by the user.
Please pay attention to handling.
∗1 M NaOH solution used in this electrode is not provided, also we do not supply.

  • Holder material: Polymethylpentene, for the high chemical resistance is used.
  • Main body: Screw type to be removable
  • Liquid junction: Ceramic tip

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