Plate Material Evaluating Cell

Plate Material Evaluating Cell

This quite handy cell is developed in order to evaluate plate material such as metal, semi-conducting plate, etc. In evaluation, a sample plate is sandwiched between cell blocks. 

Catalog No. Description Quantity
011951 Plate Material Evaluating Cell 1
- Teflon Cell [Body] 1
012864 Plate Material Evaluating Cell Base 1
- Teflon cap 1
- O-ring 1
- Screw 20 mm 2
010537 Purge tube (ETFE) (1 m) 1
002222 Platinum counter electrode 5.7 cm 1

∗ Additional o-ring:
012022 O-ring for Plate Material Evaluating Cell, 10 pcs, Viton
012023 O-ring for Plate Material Evaluating Cell, 10 pcs, silicone

[Optional Products] Reference Electrode

Users can select a reference electrode separately for this cell from :

  • 012167 RE-1B Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)
  • 012171 RE-7 Non Aqueous reference electrode (Ag/Ag+)
  • 013503 RE-1CP Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl/Saturated KCl)
  • 013458 RE-2BP Calomel Reference electrode
  • 013459 RE-2CP Reference electrode
  • 013592 RE-61AP Reference electrode for alkaline solution 

Applicable plate dimensions:
width: from 10 to 23 mm
length: approximately 25 mm (depends of the connection way)
thickness: until 3 mm

  • Liquid contact area:
    approximately 7.8 mm
    (It is the inner diameter of the O-ring (ID: 7.8 mm). Due to the deformation when squeezed between the blocks, the area will vary slightly.)

The assemble will be shown below, where each step will be explained with the photo switches.

  1. Prepare the required parts.
  2. Set the plate on the bottom Teflon block.
  3. Set the Teflon block which contains the o-ring over the plate, and tight the screw left/right uniformly (the surface of the plate in contact with the solution will depends of the inner diameter of the o-ring)
  4. Confirm whether the plate is fixed adequate, and fill with the electrolytic solution (approximately 1 mL).
  5. Set the counter electrode and a reference electrode on the battery cover, then fix it to the cell. The Pt counter electrode, from the kit is a little long, please wind before use.
  6. Do the connection using the alligator clip.
    Plate Material Evaluating Cell