M50 - Liquid Nitrogen Condenser ( 20-50 lpd )

A continuous duty device that converts facility gas into stable low pressure Liquid Nitrogen automatically for several years without maintenance or operator intervention. A 40-liter vacuum insulated tank stores the daily production (20-50 lpd). Touch Screen (HMI) and PLC controls provide for reliable and safe operation, with the KIC built-in auto-delivery system. LN2 is delivered to the customer’s dewar and as easy as decanting tap water. Several options allows for a variety of applications.

  • M50-H: 20 lpd 200-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 1-phase (1) Standard Model

  • M50-F:  Enhanced Production40-50 lpd 200 or 400 VAC, 50-60Hz, 3-phase (1)

Features Controls:

  • PLC and Touch Screen Operation:
  • One-button with Auto-Start Controls:
  • Fully Automatic Monitoring:
  • Remote PC via Internet Warranty:
  • One Year from Installation Extended Warranty:
  • Life on Software & Instruments Laboratory:
  • Clean Room Ready Enclosure: Austenitic Stainless Steel 


  • M50-H: 20 lpd 200-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 1-phase (1) Standard Model
  • M50-F:  Enhanced Production40-50 lpd 200 or 400 VAC, 50-60Hz, 3-phase (1)
  • Arrangement Austenitic Stainless Steel Enclosure with Clean-Room Casters for Class-100 Facilities. <65 dbA at 1 meter with standard enclosure. Includes a 40 liter dewar
  • Warranty A three-year warranty on all electronic and electrical components. Lifetime support on software and instrument calibrations.
  • Standards This is a CE marked product that meets Health and Safety Standards set forth in the Machinery Directive on machinery safety, 98/37/EC and the International Standards: BS EN ISO 12100-1:2003, BS EN ISO 12100-2:2003, BS EN 294:1992, BS EN 349:1998, BS EN ISO 13850:2006, BS EN 60204-1:1998, BS EN 1050:1997. SEMI S2 Compliance and Certification are Pending (FY2015-3Q)
  • Shipping All equipment is cleaned, bagged, and packed in reusable heattreated wooden crates having an international crate shippers compliance standard. This allows for OEM to receive, integrate the M50, then re-ship to the final destination.
  • Performance and Quality Every M50 is tested at KIC and must pass all Q/C inspections and performance testing prior to being released for delivery. Customers are invited to witness final inspection darning the week-long performance testing procedure.
  • Long Life and Reliability Cold head is maintained every 13,000 hours. Helium compressor interval is 30,000 hours. Service and parts are available world-wide



  • Electrical Power Standard (15-20 lpd) : 1-phase Power is required for the following ranges 208-230 V (+/-5%) 3 kW, 16 A, at 60 Hz 200 V (+/-5%) 2.6 kW, 13 A, at 50 Hz Transformers are required to operate outside these stated ranges. Consult with the KIC engineers for options. Transformers are required in EU locations.
  • Electrical Power Enhanced (40-50 lpd) : 3-phase Power is required for the following ranges 480 V (+/-10%) 8 kW, 13 A, at 60 Hz 380-415 V (+/-10%) 7 kW, 13 A, at 50 Hz 200 V (+/-10%) 7-8 kW, 24 A, at 50-60 Hz Transformers are required to operate outside these stated ranges. Consult with the KIC engineers for options.
  • Nitrogen Gas: >99% Purity with a D.P. of <-70° C, at 3-10 bar, 5-30° C 10 lpm for the Standard Model and 30 lpm for the Enhanced Type 
  • Process Cooling Water
  • Standard Model (15-20 lpm) 4 kW minimum of cooling 7 bar MAX Pressure, 4-27° C inlet, 40° C outlet MAX, 2.7 lpm MIN Enhanced Model (40-50 lpm) 8 kW minimum of cooling 8 bar MAX Pressure, 5-25° C inlet, 45° C outlet MAX, 6-9 lpm


  • Connecting to a tool or laboratory device

KIC Engineers are eager to help customer determine the appropriate interfaces to connect to any laboratory device including SEM, NMR, Bio-Storage Refrigerators, or any LN2 charging device. In the event that the automatic feature is already included with the separation, filler resistance and other modes of operation, the interface will only require cable and documentation. In addition, the M50 can be configured in a lower plane or with VJ transfer lines and return gas heater.


  • Convert to a liquid Nitrogen generator

The connection to the tool or the laboratory device The model M50 can be converted from a condenser to a full generation feature by adding an optional storage space containing the compressed air compressor, to 99.0-99.9% PSA Nitrogen gas generator, and recirculator cooling, utilities with the exception of electric power. The safety assistant must be used outside the clean room and in an area where good ventilation (<35 ° C) is available to remove the 3 kW heater.


  • Delivery lines LN2

The standard offering is a 0.375-inch diameter Swagelok bulkhead fitting on either side of the unit (customer to select) near the front. Vacuum Jacketed transfer lines are also available. Consult with the KIC Engineers to select the type, length, and enclosure arrangement. Two VJ lines are used in bio-laboratories for distribution along a line of cascading tanks. The Enhanced Model requires a chiller.ater.

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