M50-KLOX - ABO Grade Liquid Oxygen Condenser

A Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) High-Purity Liquid Oxygen is available as Aviator Breathing Oxygen (ABO) grade LOX. Several liters per day can be decanted to Oxygen converters and flight-line dewars by opening the delivery valve. The COGS-KLOX system operates automatically and operates continuously for over a year with no maintenance or operator intervention. A 30-liter vacuum insulated tank stores the daily production while a Touch Screen (HMI) and PLC controls provide for reliable and safe operation. Electronic pressure and level instruments ensure a safe and reliable operation. Upon a power loss, the liquefier will to start Automatically. 


  • Storage Capacity: 30 liters ASME VIII Dewar
  • Production: 9-12 liters per day Purity: >99.999% COGS
  • Dimensions: 56W x 790D x 165H cm KLOX Dimensions: 56W x 710D x 187H cm

Features Controls:

  • PLC and Touch Screen
  • Operation: One-button with Auto-Start Controls:
  • Fully Automatic Monitoring: Remote PC via Internet Warranty:
  • One Year from Installation 


  • Cooling Method: Air or Water Cooling
  • Power for USA: 208 VAC, 1ᴓ for F model
  • Options V.J. Transfer Line: 2.5 meter long On-Site Installation: By SOLUTIONS Service Engineers 
  • Larger Production and Storage Capacity Models are Available as Standard Offerings
  • Many options and features are available to meet the customer’s application and environmental conditions. Please consult with the SOLUTIONS engineers regarding previous experience and custom designs. Specifications are nominal and subject to change.

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