002082 Platinum ring disk electrode

002082 Platinum ring disk electrode

This ring-disk type electrode developed by NTT Advanced Technology Corporation is a form of printed electrodes. Users can choose them from Carbon, Gold and Platinum applied versions. Available as a working electrode of radial flow cells, achieves complete reduction/oxidation on the center disk at ultra-low flow rate because of its fine coulometric electrolysis efficiency. This also enables to analyze subsequent reaction as well as identification and quantitation of the sample at the same time.

Furthermore, this electrode becomes capable of measuring hydrogen peroxide at zero volt by fixing Osmium Gel / HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase) (developed by Prof. Adam Heller, Texas Univ.). Thus this Printed electrode comprises FIA (Flow Injection Analysis) system with combinations of various enzymes.



Printed Ring-Disk Electrode - Structure 
Catalog No. Description Ring (mm) Disk (mm)
002081 Gold ring disk electrode (3 pcs) 6 4 3
002082 Platinum ring disk electrode (3 pcs)
002083 Carbon ring disk electrode (3 pcs)*

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