ITO disk (4 inch)
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ITO disk (4 inch)

t: 0.5mm, 1pc (Quartz glass)  


The thickness of the ITO membrane is 100±20 nm, and the surface resistivity is 20 Ω/sq 

Catalog No. Description
012658 SEC-2F ITO electrode for flow cell (4 pcs)
011465 ITO electrode 8x27 mm (12 pcs)
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011827 ITO disk (4 inch)
011233 ITO electrode 10x10 mm (30 pcs)
010887 ITO electrode 10x20 mm (10 pcs)
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ITO quartz transmittance graph

The light transmittance was compared with ITO electrode and Grid electrode (Au, Pt and Carbon) on a quartz glass as a reference. For ITO electrode, the light cannot be transmitted easily in ultraviolet range. The transmittance is about 10% at 250 nm of the wavelength. For wavelength above 350 nm, the transmittance is above 90%. 


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