SA02 - Combined diffusion-type electrode and salt bridge, reference electrolyte LiCl in ethanol

Combined diffusion-type electrode and salt bridge, rechargeable. Its unique reference system provides great versatility to this pH sensor. With reference electrolyte LiCl in ethanol, we obtain pH measurements accurate and stable in alcoholic solutions. Its distinguishing characteristic is its speed stability, repeatability analysis and lifetime. 

Measurement range   0 to 14
Operation temperature   0 to 90°C
Bulb sensor   Circular
Diaphragm   Ringed
Reference compart.   Rechargeable
Reference system   Argental
Reference electrolyte   LiCl 2Mol
Construction   Glass
Coaxial cable   1.00m
Connector   BNC
Dimensions   120 mm x Ø 12 mm
Thermal compensator   (PT100 / PT1000 / NTC) Note included


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