FLX5 - Flexible Cryogenic Level Sensors

For over ten years, KIC has manufactured Cryogenic Level Sensors for a variety of applications and Cryogens such as LN2, LOX, LNG, and Lar. These reliable instruments can be configured in many shapes and can be manufactured to handle pressures up to 100 bar. Our newest offering not only combines the KIC reliable design, it now can be manufactured as a flexible sensor. This new capability is ideal for older legacy tanks and for applications where the sensors must traverse around corners and difficult tank geometries. 

General Specifications

  • Identifier: FLX5 Flexible Level Sensor Shaft
  • Diameter: 0.375-in OD as a Standard 6 to 12 mm Available
  • Types: True Capacitance
  • Cryogens: LN2, LAr, LNG, and LOX
  • Origin: Made by KIC in the USA
  • Output Signal: 0-5 VDC Linear Serial, 4-20 mA as Options Temperature:
  • Type-T TC as an Option 


  • Biological Storage Refrigerators SEM, TXRF, and X-Ray Crystallography Dewars LN2 and LOX Generators LNG Road Tanks 

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